About Andrew Hope

Andrew was born many years ago. He hears his children classify people ten years younger than himself as old. He believes 45ish is the perfect age for a manager.

His engineering roots ended up producing a manager. Wrong label on the seed package?

Having conquered denial after assuming a couple of management roles, Andrew decided that an MBA was in order so it was back to school, nights and weekends and after several setbacks such as job changes, health problems (minor but troublesome) and the arrival of the first born, he completed the course.

He enjoys writing and has contributed to technical and business publications over the years.

Most of his professional experience has been in sales, marketing and general management. As an aside he has  been running process re-engineering workshops for some years now.

A frustrated teacher, Andrew never misses the chance to lecture and happily accepts invitations to present a variety of subjects from strategic planning to consumer behavior and sales management, mainly to MBA classes.

As none of the above are day jobs (he is a director in a global organization) you will correctly surmise that sleep is not one of his strong points and that several evenings and weekends are spent on such activities.


2 responses to “About Andrew Hope

  1. Kyriacos

    04/09/2012 at 17:52

    Hi Andrew,

    I read your introduction and just few of your thoughts, keeping my fingers crossed that such a restless spirit and multifaceted talent wouldn’t end in politics asking my vote!
    Thank God my short prayer came true! Keep it up like that.


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