Are you the top guy/gal ?

17 Aug

You are responsible for EVERYTHING

I work mainly with small and medium companies. The term is SMEs. I find it’s easier to get things done in smaller companies. The are usually more agile and the politics are simpler. You don’t have to convince a different manager every step along the way and it’s clearer where the buck stops. Having said this, the owner/manager needs to be adaptable and open minded. Over the years, I have been granted the wisdom to know what I can’t change. Some brick walls you simply walk away from. You may experience this with people you employ or that you are responsible for. People, life is hard enough. If you are faced with a difficult decision, surgically remove the emotional content. This provides unbelievable clarity which in turn leads to good decisions or management calls. And here’s a hint: if you are trying too hard to manage somebody, don’t. You shouldn’t have to. “Did you do that thing?”, “Did you send the quotation?”, “Why is this contract still pending?”… Is any of this ringing a bell? See if there is another role that could benefit from inefficiency or lack of dependability or else send them home. Cruel? Cold? OK, keep on paying them to ignore you, the customers, common sense etc.

Anyway, small and medium companies. Do you run one? Do you know what the most common issue is? The top guy is, well, the top guy. A small company may or may not have processes and controls in place. The guy (or gal) at the top may or may not be disciplined. At the end of the day who is he or she accountable to if things slip. If issues aren’t followed up? If this month’s sale figures weren’t what they should be? In fact, to nobody but his or herself. So remember this always: Thou art mortal. You too can screw up. And most importantly, you are NOT always right.

Don’t make excuses for not managing your company professionally, as if your job depended on it. In fact , it does…

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